Open Call Auditions

Sunday, October 22nd
at the Cape Conservatory
60 Highfield Drive
begins at 7:00

Monday, October 23rd
at the Falmouth Public Library, in the Hermann Foundation Meeting Room
300 Main Street
begins at 7:00

Call Backs

Wednesday, October 25th
at the Falmouth Public Library, in the Bay Room
300 Main Street
begins at 7:00


Character Descriptions

**Note: Age ranges are not necessarily your actual age,
but rather what you think you can convincingly play onstage.

A talented but meek young architect. Sweet, sincere, loyal. Good sense of humor. He lacks gumption, and has a hard time making decisions. In love with Tansy but too timid to do anything about it. Age range: 30-40s

Lives in the apartment below Willum. Bright, optimistic, kind and affectionate. A gutsy young woman who knows her own mind and wants a real career. She also wants Willum, but is frustrated with his inability to make a decision. Age range: 30-40s

Lives in the apartment below Tansy. Witty, funny, charming, sophisticated. Guarded with his true emotions. Drinks too much, self-centered, a bit pretentious, but truly cares about his friends. Age range: 30-50s

Peewee Herman meets What About Bob! Socially, he’s a walking disaster area. He has no filter, no concept of “personal space,” and no idea that people have “boundaries.” Obnoxious but somehow kind of loveable. Age range: 30-40s
**Note: The same actor will also do the voices of
          Red Graham:
          Western dialect, older, cowboy type, grandfatherly, down-to-earth.
          Sophisticated, charming, elegant, playful, wry sense of humor.

Wealthy businessman. Overbearing, bossy, easily irritated, impatient. No sense of humor. The last time he smiled was twenty years ago…and that was just gas. Age range: 35-60s

Waldgrave’s wife. Mousy, easily intimidated and embarrassed. Perpetually stressed out but would secretly love to have a little fun. Age range: 30-40s

Waldgrave and Clelia’s child. Very spoiled, bratty, obnoxious and incredibly whiny. He doesn’t listen to anyone, especially his parents. Age range: 8-12
**Note: Both boys and girls are encouraged to audition for this role.