Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Ian Rubinstein
The Monster: Matthew Gould
Igor: Alex Valentine
Inga: Jodi Edwards
Elizabeth Benning: Bonnie Fairbanks
Frau Blucher: Danielle Gelehrter
Inspector Hans Kemp: Tom Hoke
The Hermit: Peter Cook
Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein: John Kennedy
gravediggers, villagers, medical students,
passengers, & mad scientists
Chuck Worringer
  Susan McKernan
Pup Gould
   Genoa Langnickel
Steve Peck
  Sheila Furtado
Kevin Shackett
  Lisa Jo Rudy
Gil Rapoza
  Joan Baird
Phil Alatalo
  Lori Welch
Jarrid Lopes
  Barbara Stephens
Frank Alliegro
  Crissy Condon
Larry Zalis
  Zoe Sandwith
Dan McSweeny
  Kristine Cobb
Eric Johnson
  Kimberly Boutin
Todd Sadler
  Cindy McDonald
Tom Stackhouse
  Elizabeth Rapoza
Annie Hart Cool
  Stephanie Seales
Julia Adams

We hate to ask .... but

The Falmouth Theatre Guild Needs Your Help!
Dear Falmouth Theatre Guild Supporters,
It is very infrequent that we ask our supporters for money, mainly because so much of our time is spent producing great community theater. However, the Falmouth Theatre Guild needs your help and we are asking now because we have dire circumstances

The Falmouth Theatre Guild is embarking on a major capital campaign to repair its costume house. This is not only for the good of the guild but also for the many theatrical organizations throughout the region that rely on the guild’s costume collection.

The costume house is the primary storage facility for more than 50 ys, from top hats and silver-tipped canes to lace petticoats and royal gowns. Years worth of costumes are like new and old friends that we have used in our productions of Anything Goes, Peter Pan, Guys and Dolls and many more.

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