Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor® Dreamcoat



Cast List

Narrator: Anna McEntee
Joseph: Jeffrey Kelly
Boy: Andrew Baldasaro
Pharaoh: Alex Valentine
Jacob: Gil Rapoza
Potiphar: Tom Hoke
Potiphar’s Wife: Lori Welch

 Zebulun (and Butler): Brian Berestecky
Issachar: Kai Blanton
Levi: Ryan Carey
Asher: Korey Charles
Benjamin: Samuel Collins
Simeon (and Baker): Matthew Gould
Naphtali: Cameron Hall
Judah: Keirnon McDermott
Gad: Dan McSweeny
Reuben: Geoffrey Piper
Dan: Bobby Price

 Jenna Arruda
Genoa Langnickel
Kimberly Emerald Boutin
Maddie Marasa
Erica Gillis
Meg Sullivan




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