Shrek Audition Information



Sunday, Jan. 10 @ 5:30pm kids  7-10 pm Adult

 on the FTG stage at the Highfield Theater in Falmouth

or   Monday, Jan. 11 @ 6:00-10:00 Adults

on stage at the Lawrence School Auditorium, Lakeview Avenue, Falmouth
Callbacks:  by appointment, Thurs. Jan. 14  6:00-9:30


Available Roles:  Character,  age,   vocal range

Session I :  (@FTG) kids ages 10-15 arrive at 5:30 to register and begin by 6:00

Adults : ages 16-99 arrive by 7:00 to register and begin by 7:15

Session II  : (@Lawrence School) adults 16-99  arrive by 6:00 to begin by 6:15

See Music links below.

Shrek – A big, green, terrifying ogre who lives alone on a swamp.  He embarks on a journey to rid his land of fairytale creatures.  Along  the way, he falls in love with Princess Fiona.  He becomes our hero! Range: A2-G#4   (High Baritone/Tenor Belt)

Fiona – The beautiful princess that has a deep, dark secret.  Quirky, blunt….she’s not an ordinary princess.  After being rescued by Shrek,  she falls in love with our Hero!   Range: F3-G5

Young Fiona – sings

Teen Fiona – sings

Young Shrek – does not sing

Donkey – A talking donkey who joins Shrek after running from Lord Farquaad’s guard.   Funny, funny, funny ..Optimistic with a heart of gold  Range: C3-B4

Lord Farquaad – Comically short, ruler of Duloc.  He is in search of a princess to marry so he can become king.  He plays the whole on his knees (knee pads provided) Range: B2-D5

Dragon – A dragon that is guarding Princess Fiona in her castle.  She falls in love with Donkey and has plans to keep him with her forever.  Imposing and flirtatious.  Range: F3-Eb5  The Dragon is a 15t. puppet.  We will also be using 5-6 people to operate puppet!

Gingy – A gingerbread man kidnapped by Lord Farquaad.  Will be a puppet operated by the actress appearing as the Sugar Plum Fairy.  Range: B3 – C#5

Pinocchio – The leader of the fairytale creatures.  Plenty of sass and has a problem with lying and  his nose grows to prove it!  Range: E3 – F#4

Shrek’s Mother and Father 

Fiona’s Mother and Father

Fairytale Creatures: Big Bad Wolf,  Three Little Pigs, White Rabbit, Fairy Godmother,  Peter Pan, Wicked Witch, Ugly Duckling, Three Bears, Mad Hatter, Humpty Dumpty, Elf, Dwarf

Other characters: Three Blind Mice, Guards, Knights, Tap Dancing Rats, skeletons. 

People of Duloc –  singing and dancing and will be dancing on their knees.  Knee pads provided!

Everyone will be singing the finale  “I’m a Believer”

Audition Music, click here:

Everyone #5 & #24




Fiona, Adult #6 & #16A

 Fiona, Young & Teen #6

Pinocchio #3

Sugar Plum Fairy & Bird #19 & #12

Dragon #8