All auditions and callbacks to be held
at Highfield Theater

58 Highfield Drive, Falmouth, MA

Auditionees will be asked to sing a prepared piece of music as well as perform a short dance/movement number (taught at auditions).


Tuesday, September 3rd

   Sign-in at 6:30pm, auditions at 7:00pm

Wednesday, September 4th

   Sign-in at 6:30pm, auditions at 7:00pm

Call backs:

   Sunday, September 8th, 2019: 4:00pm




For questions or concerns, please contact Brett Baird at brettbaird2@gmail.com


Character Breakdown 

Please note the ages listed in the Character Breakdown are from the Music Theatre International website and are a guide.
FTG has cast roles in a non-traditional fashion in the past.

Arpad Laszlo
   “Try Me”
Delivery boy at Maraczek’s Parfumerie. His exuberance is infectious and commitment to his job remarkable. He is ambitious and adorable.
     Gender: Male
     Age: 14 to 17
     Vocal range top: E4
     Vocal range bottom: Bb2

Ladislav Sipos
Not the brightest employee at Maraczek’s Parfumerie. A confidant to Georg, he is an optimistic family man who looks like a huggable father.

     Gender: Male
     Age: 45 to 55
     Vocal range top: E4
     Vocal range bottom: A2

Ilona Ritter
   “A Trip to the Library”
   “I Resolve”
Employed at Maraczek’s Parfumerie. She is sexy and learned in the ways of romance, but longing for something more from the game of love.

     Gender: Female
     Age: 25 to 30
     Vocal range top: E5
     Vocal range bottom: F#3

Steven Kodaly
A well respected and liked employee at Maraczek’s Parfumerie. Though he is considered dapper and occasionally charming, he is more of a shallow womanizer.

     Gender: Male
     Age: 25 to 30
     Vocal range top: A4
     Vocal range bottom: B2

Georg Nowack
   “She Loves Me”
   “Three Letters”
An established employee of Maraczek’s Parfumerie, he resembles a hopeless romantic. Shy, intelligent, and soft spoken.

     Gender: Male
     Age: 25 to 30
     Vocal range top: F4
     Vocal range bottom: B2

Mr. Maraczek
   “Days Gone By”
Owner of Maraczek’s Parfumerie. With a commanding presence, his dedication to the trade is rivaled only by his faithfulness to his wife.

     Gender: Male
     Age: 55 to 65
     Vocal range top: C4
     Vocal range bottom: B2

Amalia Balash
   “Dear Friend”
   “Will He Like Me?”
The eager new employee at Maraczek’s Parfumerie. Despite being a skilled saleswoman, she easily becomes intimated and nervous. Attractive, bright, and a lover of literature.

     Gender: Female
      Age: 20 to 25
     Vocal range top: B5
     Vocal range bottom: C4

Ensemble (10 – 15 in number) – Includes Head Waiter at the Café who sings “Romantic Atmosphere” Gender: Male, Age: 40 to 50
   “A Romantic Atmosphere”
   “Good-bye, Georg”  [Ensemble]