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Come Join Us!

The Falmouth Theatre Guild presents a wide range of theater that entertains, enriches, and educates the diverse population of Cape Cod. Our mission is to produce a broad range of theatrical presentations of the highest quality; to provide hands-on learning experiences in all aspects of theater production and management; to celebrate the achievements of our volunteers and staff; to provide value for our many supporters, and to join with other community theaters for mutual assistance and enrichment. We are always seeking artists, costumers, sound & light technicians and experienced directors. Whether or not you are on stage, back stage, or in the audience, you will feel welcomed by the Falmouth Theatre Guild!


This past year has been challenging for theaters across the Cape and around the world. Guidance aiming to slow the spread of COVID-19 limited gatherings of people on stage and off, and has forced us to find new ways of connecting with each other. This break has allowed us to focus our efforts on improving our theater and making this creative space safer, more efficient, and even more enjoyable for all of us. We need your help, though, to keep going through this difficult time. Please consider making a donation to the Falmouth Theatre Guild and we look forward to seeing you when we can all be together again.


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